If you are looking for a location manager,  scout,  fixer or production services for your upcoming project in and around Montreal, Quebec, …you came to the right place !

Simply call or e-mail us with details about what you are looking for and we will respond quickly.

We have helped countless photo shoots,  commercials, documentaries and other productions through every step of their project.

Alain Dahan has specific experience in feature films, commercials & stills photography campaigns. His extensive knowledge and large network of contacts can be utilized on any type of production.

Alain Dahan 

1-866-222-8320 Toll Free


What Fixers do

A Fixer provides logistical support, facilitates permits, locations, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers & photographers who wish to shoot abroad.

A fixer is the person who deals with logistics and really makes things happen for film, TV, commercial, and photo shoots. A multilingual, international fixer takes the worry out of the language barrier and uses their specialist local and cultural knowledge to deal quickly and efficiently with bureaucracy and paperwork - sourcing all the elements that a film, video  or photo team needs to work within the deadline and budget.

Simply put, a fixer is your temporary local knowledge when working overseas or at home. They are your ears on the ground before you arrive, your overseas bureau, your airport pickup, your staffer, your security advisor, your translator, local producer or first aider. They are the guide by your side that knows where everything is and how to get it.


Clients include :

Rabbit Bandini prod / James Franco

People magazine / Halle Berry

Caterpillar / UK

Peterbilt / USA

Acom / Japan

Just For Laughs / CAN

Hyundai / Korea

Toyota / France

Timberland / USA

Fuji TV / Japan

McDonald's / CAN

Alain Dahan’s IMDB link : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0007176/?ref_=nmmd_md_nm

QFTC ‘Quebec Film & Television Council’ link : http://www.qftc.ca/infrastructure/crew/